• Rental Temporary Paris - prestigious offices - meeting rooms - conference rooms

    Smartpis offers a digital platform for the short or longer-term rental of workspaces, conference rooms and prestigious accommodation services. This platform is designed for companies, business professionals, startups, entrepreneurs, the self-employed and artists.

    The products are selected according to our criteria, taking into account the needs of our clients. The places are provided with services and attractive decor, located close to business districts. Our clients can start working  immediately.

    Our Corporate clients could use these spaces for the recrutement, remote team work , training center, setting up the seminar or Forum professional salon.  

    We offer a premium 5 star service to our business clients.

    We offer exclusive places and services that evoke the history, art, culture and fashion of that particular country

  • Temporary rental Paris -spaces events - Discover new experience and Leisure exclusive Paris
    Format: During the day or the evening with cocktail party or dinner
    Availability : to be defined according to the chosen format
    Organizing time : between 2 and 6 weeks
    Duration: about 2 hours - 3 hours or more depending on the chosen places
    Capacity: between 10 and 1500 depending on delivery
    Price: on request
  • Short Term Rental _ Paris - Luxury Accommodation

    Smartpis provides  the best accommodation to rent in Paris. They are suitable for Executive  Business , families and individuals. 

    They offer the premium services. 

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    A refined and cosy atmosphere, magnificently highlighted by calming pastel tints. The best place to welcome your guests. size : 125m2/1350ft2 Salon rental 's price  : on quotation    MINIMUM REQUIS: 25 personnes  Capacity: 170 people for cocktail

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    With evocative Art Deco interiors, this room bene ts from natural daylight and is an ideal venue. Size: 77m2/830ft2 Salon rental 's price : On quotation Minimum  Request: 20 persons  Capacity: 80 people for cocktail

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    Unassigned workstations are for those who are looking for a flexible, 24/7 accessible workspace but do not necessarily need a private office or even a desktop every day.  This center is a workspace, community, and services for networks of creators.  Ideally located, this building offers a breathtaking view over Pigalle and the Saint-Georges district. Price: From € 450 / month  

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    With a private office, each of your employees has 24/7 access to a desk equipped with a chair, a lamp, a wastebasket and a filing cabinet. Private offices also have printing, mail management and parcel services. They include at least 12 credits that allow you to book conference rooms and a workspace in any office where this provider has Coworking centers around the world.   The center is a workspace, community, and services for networks of creators. Price: From € 890 / month per person 

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    Share the passion of great artisans and creators and become the Ambassadors of the Finest French Arts. Your travel expert will be pleased to elaborate your future experience.Quotation on request according to the experience (House of haute couture, shoemaker, leather goods, jewelery, etc ...)MAXIMUM participants : 8 persons

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    A perfume all of your own, an exclusive product made to order by the expert perfumer. An olfactory portrait in the pure  tradition, balancing the high standards of the brand with personal, intimate desires. Starting from 60,500.00€ MAXIMUM: 2 persons

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    A luxurious meeting room located on the Champs Elysées . It offers excellent working conditions and  an impregnable view of the beautiful avenue in the world "Champs Elysées"

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    This prestigious meeting room is highly  suitable for board of directors meetings , presenting products to major customers or  management team meetings. It has loads of natural light and  a spectacular view of the Champs Elysées. Your important meetings are guaranteed  success!

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