• PETROFF _ Artiste

    Artist : PETROFF

    Petroff was born  in 1954 and is of Russian origin. His colourful, eye-catching work is in the style of the Neo-Cubists.

    Each of his paintings, such as "The Mandolin Player", interpret little moments and scenes from the past and present.

    Inspired by early Flemish painters, 
    Petroff begins his paintings by creating magnificent colours in oil, utilising precious gems and crystals in order to capture their quintessential colours.

    Like an alchemist, Petroff composes  different colour palettes for each work with infinite, nuanced shades of blue, green and red.

  • ZENAKEN _Artiste

    Zenaken is a French-American artist. Zenaken's paintings represent her ongoing research into the calm, soothing blues of the ocean. Her  use of colour is surprising and captivating.

    Qualified as a lyric artist, her  music is a pictorial symphony of the elements. These elements  audaciously evolve and are constantly renewed with undeniable elegance.

    Her work seems alive with the aim  of communicating happiness.

  • Line.C _Artist

    Line. C Artist

    Line.C's  artworks were first exhibited in 1998 at the Dak'art 98 International Biennale and then at Femin-Art in Germany and Belgium.

    They are focussed on exploring themes relating to "The Face" and "The Mask" using "dripping" techniques made famous by the American artist Jackson Pollock. She skillfully applies oils and pigments to show us these androgynous and multiracial faces. She also does photographic research on the "Non Mask", showing the uninhibited  expressions of bungee jumpers that she captures in flight and then inscribes on canvas in the darkroom.

    After graduating from the Institute of Fine Arts in Rennes in 2000, Line.C created the poster for the 26th edition of the Transmusicales in 2004. The poster shows a multiracial face against a red background; eyes closed with hands cupped around the ears,  seeming to  listen to the world. This visual design won the most votes and was a huge success.

    She has dedicated herself exclusively to painting since 2009.

    2015 was a pivotal year when Line.C  took her artistic training to a new level by deciding to train with Isabelle Emmerique, a master of European lacquer work, in Paris. This was a natural continuation of Line.C's pictorial work in oil. This new material enriches and brings a fresh dimension to her art.

    This old French traditional art (which dates back 300 years) draws on Chinese and Japanese techniques. It has since become a recognised part of the Western decorative canon.

    Its implementation is accompanied by  rigorous and high quality techniques;  colors are created from varnish and turpentine then infused with powdered pigments. These  exquisite colours are used for relief or background work and colour inlays.

    The decoration may consist of gold leaf, copper, bronze powders and eggshell inlays.  They are laid onto background colors and retouched with gold and bronze powders that give an elegant  refinement to  the tumultuous colors.

    High gloss or matt finishes are created by hand-polishing. This manual process can take two or three months but  is a  necessary part of the technique.

    Lacquerwork is an art which is precise, demanding and extremely passionate.

    This kind of creation is enriched by the layers of lacquer which succeed and nourish the previous ones, never ceasing to open new doorways, one after the other. The human  being is always at the heart of this process, in particular, his most profound self, the one which in turn characterizes or evokes the shifting moods of his soul.

    The face functions as a doorway to an interior world. It is close to his headdress and what happens in or on his head; new, imaginary fantasy landscapes.

    A purely graphic language that creates  richly ornamented but semi-abstract and figurative works.Timeless but resolutely contemporary.

    The artist can create commissioned works by integrating her visual world with yours; an artwork with the specific dimensions and colours to suit your interior. She can include a portrait of a subject chosen by the client to be included in the artistic themes of her work, based on a photo supplied by the client.

    Options such as gold leaf, gold powder and specific shades of bronze are available. You need only to take a look through her work to find inspiration.

  • Olga NOVOKHATSKA _Artist

     Olga Novokhatska

    One can see nostalgic themes, but what delights the viewer most in the works of Olga Novokhatska is the abstraction of the situation. The viewer may want to recognize himself or someone he knows in the painting and yet it cannot be him because the situation is physically or theoretically impossible.

    In her recent work, Olga Novokhatska explores the relationship between sensuality, materiality and morality.
    This staging of sexuality is a device which allows both the composition of the work and the observation of spatial and social boundaries. Classically trained and influenced by the Russian School, the artist now explores themes  that places her work, in varying degrees, between abstraction and figurative work.

    Olga Novokhatska allows us to access a universe that she has almost lived in, and places where she could have lived. She makes us glimpse this world while obscuring her traces.

    Technique used: Painting oil on canvas

    Cotation : Art Price

    Exhibitions :


    The Role of Women In Sustainable Development, UNESCO, Paris

    EXPO4ART, White Coats Space, Paris

    Art3F, Brussels


    Grand Contemporary Art Market, Place de la Bastille, Paris
    Lounge Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

    Flowers, Municipal Gallery of the Orangerie, Verrieres le Buisson, France

    Renault Group Exhibtion, Boulogne, France
    Personal Exhibition, Day and Night Culture Space
    Icade Store, Paris-Aubervilliers
    Contemporary Art Fair, Impressionist Island, Chatou, France

    Municipal Exhibition, Oissel, France

    Municipal Fair of Contemporary Art Fair, Place St Sulpice, Paris
    Lounge Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

    Education :


    DNSEP Higher National Diploma Of Plastic Arts, Higher School of Art of Lorraine


    Master's Degree in Painting, State Academy of Design and Fine Arts 

  • Didem YAGCI _ Artist_ Turkey

    Didem Yagci is a contemporary artist based in Istanbul. After studying science at her undergraduate school in BosphorousUniversity, she had a European Union Scholarship and graduated from London College of Fashion to establish her own experiments about contemporary art.

    As an artist, Didem Yagci uses fabrics, book pages, banknotes, music notes, maps etc with ink, acrylic paint, and natural felt as a top layer with a unique approach.

    Her first solo show “This Side of Paradise” was exhibited at Lucca Art in Istanbul in 2015. Her artwork of this show were influenced by Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of “This Side of Paradise”, depicting the dramatic and psychological effects of the socio-cultural changes in the 1920s on individuals and especially women. Her artwork exhibited in many group shows and art fairs (the details are given below) including Istanbul and London and most recently at Aqua Fair during Art Miami.

    2015 Jul-Aug “Summer Collective” Group Show in Gallery Merkur, Istanbul, Turkey 

    2015 October Competition Group Show at Gallery Different and (also her artwork was exhibited) in Regent Park Metro Station during the LONDON FRIEZE Art Fair. London, UK

    2015 Nov-Dec Group Show “Catharsis” at Gallery Ilayda, Istanbul, Turkey 

    2015 Nov Contemporary Istanbul 2015, Gallery Merkur, Istanbul, Turkey

    2016 May Solo Show “Self-Connection”, Gallery Ilayda, Istanbul, Turkey

    With her most recent Solo Show series entitled “Self Connection,” Didem Yağcı aimed to invite the viewers on a journey into their inner selves. She pointed out the evolutional process of those who make an inward journey in order to establish a connection with their ESSENCE, during which they experience a shift in awareness which makes it possible for them to evaluate the existence and the universe according to their own individual evolution.

    2016 Jul-Sep “Summer Collective” Group Show at Gallery Ilayda, Istanbul, Turkey

    2016 Nov Contemporary Istanbul  with Gama Gallery (represented by Gallery Ilayda), Turkey 

    2016 Dec Art Miami Aqua Art Fair , Gama Gallery, Miami, USA

    2017 April Corrado Bortone Galerie, Group Show , 13 Rue Mazarine 75006 Paris, France


    Didem Yağcı is a contemporary artist who creates innovative artwork by transforming her artistic perspectives through a unique technique of material usage with emphasis on the relationship between visual fragmentation of the composition and intuitive aesthetic balance.

    With this approach, she aims to offer an alternative way to the traditional perception of paintings. Didem Yagci’s work questions the “Experience of Emotions” which is the only existential difference that sets the Human Being apart from all the other creatures. Addressed as the metaphorical subjects, viewers are presented with a conceptual point of view, emphasizing the universal reality of our existence.

    Didem Yağcı uses traditional natural felt to create a figurative form by combining with fabrics, old book pages, music notes, sewing patterns, maps, banknotes and In her compositions with a unique approach

    Didem Yagci questions the fundamental relationship of the human being (focusing on women) to their feelings according to her own individual evolution.The real meaning behind  Didem Yagci’s work can be discovered by filling in the secret spaces that are hidden between layers of fabrics, pages and colors and referring to sub-levels of emotional states of a Human Being.

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    The painting "Cubist Noon Composition" was created by the artist PETROFF in 2000.  Mixed media  on canvas board, signed bottom left. Dimensions: 97 cm x 67 cm. A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with the work.   

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    Title: Fall songs Dim: 80 cm * 100 cm Painting: Oil on canvas board Please note that shipping costs are extra.

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    Title: Imperial Dim: 80 cm * 110 cm Painting: Lacquer on wood board Note: The cost of transport is extra .

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    Title:The Flight Dim: 180 cm * 70 cm Painting: Oil on canvas board Please note that shipping costs are extra.

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    "Still Life with 3 Sides" by PETROFF Mixed media on canvas board, signed lower right, 2009. Dimensions: 68 CM *48 CM Please note that shipping costs are extra.    

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    Painting by Zenaken made in 2008: watercolour on cardboard, signed bottom right  Dim: 25 cm x15 cm Please note that shipping costs are extra.    

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    Watercolour on paper by Zenaken, created in 2008.Dim 78 cm x48 cm.It is signed lower left by the artist.Please note that shipping costs are extra. 

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    Watercolour by Zénaken created  in 2008: watercolour on cardboard.Dim 28.50 cm x 28.50 cm.It is signed  on the lower left by the artist.Please note that shipping costs are extra.  

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    APainting by Zenaken created  in 2008: acrylic on cardboard.Dim: 130 cm x 97 cm.Signed lower left by the artist.Please note that shipping costs are extra. 

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