How to place an order :

Make a booking in 8 easy steps 

  1. Choose the location and product

  2. Specify the date and time (half-day, day or evening)

  3. Customize your application and confirm delivery

  4. Choose any additional options offered with the product and confirm that you would like to request a quote.

  5. After you have validated an estimate enquiry, you will be requested to create your company account.

  6. We will process your order and respond promptly within 24 hours.

  7.  If you approve the quote, you will proceed to the payment stage. This can be done by bank transfer or cheque made out to the Smart Personal Investments Services account. IMPORTANT: Please refer to the conditions of sale and use displayed on our website.

  8. The SMARTPIS platform will send you a receipt of payment(Invoice in French version )

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