Business Owners, Rent Out your Property 

Innovative business owners can offer their executive property for temporary rent and lease unused space to other businesses in need. A fabulous opportunity for  creative business owners to minimize rental expenses and building costs.

Three major advantages:  

Promote the activities offered to lessees locataires

Reduce advertising costs 

       Reduce Administrative Costs



  • Direct marketing: more meetings
         with new businesses - (new
         suppliers or new customers)


  • Share professional experience
         with new lessees 

  • Increase company awareness




  • Focus on the development of the Company
  • Mutualise the rents expense reflect with Companies 
  • Winning strategy for the parties : Clients and Business leader


We are actively seeking executive,  furnished properties with 5 star customer-focused services for temporary or permanent rent. This includes premium offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms and atypical spaces. We are also looking for upmarket accommodation such as hotel rooms, studios, apartments, guest rooms and mansions as well as premium properties that offer interesting cultural events related to the property.

Form  : Rental of your property:

Premium Offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms and atypical spaces in excellent condition: Form 1

Form : Rental of your property with associated events (art / sculpture or cultural / historical / geographical or garden / forest): Form 2

Form : Your  temporary housing and accommodation: 5 star hotel or guesthouse or studio / apartment / townhouse :

Form 3

Theme :

 Please download the chosen theme then fill out the forms and inject the files in the topic below :

“ Attach documents /photos : rename your file by name,topic,dateddmmyyyy”


We are going to respond you in the shortest delay:

- 24 hours for Office, meeting room and conference rooms to rent

- 36 hours for the spaces’events and accommodations to rent


 Form 1 Download

 Form 2 Download

  Form 3 Download

Rent out your property form

Attach documents/photos: rename your files by name,topic,date ddmmyyyy
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