Indian Contemporary Art A dark house in Investment world

Indian Contemporary Art A dark house in Investment world


Contemporary Indian art has a specific captivation. India is a dark house in the contemporary art market. It attracts the eyes from the worldwide, what’s more, many people value the art and believe it has great profound potential and future prospects. In the eighties of 20th century, Indian artists merged the tradition and modern, and appeared in a unique way. During the 20th century, in the June of 1982, it is the first time India have painting exhibition in American Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.


The Indian contemporary art shows great potential to gain in value in the future as the style of the Indian art are quite different from the west painting and traditional Indian paintings. Emerging artwork is composing by Asian artwork such as: India, China as the rest of Asian artwork. Indian market is definitely an emerging market which have a great prospect to gain more and more value in the future. According to ArtTactic, sales of modern and contemporary Indian art rose by 13.5% in 2015/2014 and this increase is expected to be confirmed in particular in local auctions in 2016. On December 17, 2015, in Mumbai, Christie's recorded the highest total sales figures for an auction in India. Their third sale totally INR / $ 14.7 million. Christie's and Saffronart this week of December 2015, established Mumbai as an Internationally significant center for Indian art auction.


India, as one of the four ancient civilizations of the world (as the ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ (ICH) of humanity), has too much stories. India is symbolized as a country of exoticism and mystery. It is a blend of multiculturalism, specific religions and the Millennium inheritance of tradition. India's art is considered to be firmly related to the religions and philosophy. Have a retrospect to the Indian art history, India has gradually formed its own unique artistic language along with the development of history and religions.


For example, India best known “art maestro”--MF Hussain, who is characterized as the “Picasso of India”. He redefined art to a great extent in abstract style. On 09 September,2016,his work “Dreams” was estimate to between $454,550 - 757,580, finally Winning Bid was $672,727.



Dreams, MF Hussain, Grosvenor Gallery, London


Dreams, MF Hussain, Grosvenor Gallery, London


Today, the Indian contemporary art has gradually get out of the shadow of the past stereotype, attempting in all possibility to create. On the whole, Indian contemporary art is not limited to the own emotional expression. The concerned themes of their artworks are often profound: it is not simply a reflection of the artist's own expressions. They are more active and dedicated with much more enthusiasm to examine their own conditions. The Indian artists focus on the public attentions and reflect them on the canvas. Thanks to the open mind of the Indian state to politics and liberty of speech, Indian contemporary artists are more like a mirror, digesting and recreating their perceptions, inner feelings, social prejudices and conventions, and reflected in their artworks. This is why Indian contemporary art works have a more soul-provoking power than any other Asian countries, shows a strength of freedom and blooming.


Anish Kapoor, who is a contemporary artist, his is one of the most influential artist. With combined sales of $ 19 million, his artwork was at 21th rank / Artprice ranking of 500 (product sales) of the art market in the world in 2015/2016.. By using varied materials (marble, powders, wax, mirrors, plastics, etc.), Anish Kapoor likes to express in a simple, harmonious and colorful way. For example, his famous sculpture “Cloud Gate”(or “the Bean”2006, Chicago),

in a combination style of both west and east, Anish have gained iconic status, estimated the European Journal of International migration in October 2012. The original cost of the “Cloud Gate”estimate was $9 million, but project complications led to a final cost of $23 million.

Cloud Gate” (or “the Bean”2006, Chicago)

Cloud Gate” (or “the Bean”2006, Chicago)

Another renowned contemporary artist, Bharti Kher,her artworks including sculptures as well as paintings and installations around the cultural and social taboos in India. Bharti Kher’s artworks focus on exploring personal identity issues, traditions as well as the 21th century current topics in face of human beings (genetics, evolution, technology, ecology, etc.). Her representative sculpture is “the lying elephant (2006)”,in the artwork, it shows the different perception of different cultures, arouses thinking and association from the observers. According to Sotheby's estimated auction price, “the lying elephant” might between £700,000 to £1million, which would comfortably surpass the record for a Kher work.

 The lying elephant (2006)

The lying elephant (2006)

After the two artists most famous for their sculptures, let me introduce another artist—Raqib Shaw. You can find hybrid creatures in his arts (deities, men, animals, plants, etc.), his works is on the edge between art and decorative arts. By viewing his paintings, you will be firstly absorbed by a fantastic world, more deeply, it is actually a collection of very violent sexual images. In June 2014 he sold $ 349,656 painting "Garden of Earthly Delights XIII" at Sotheby's. It was the 488th place in the Artprice (Cumulative) ranking with sales of $ 262,936 in 2015-2016. 

Garden of Earthly Delights XIII. Raqib Shaw


Garden of Earthly Delights XIII. Raqib Shaw


Surendran Nair is an Indian visual artist. He is one of the greatest contemporary Indian artists. His paintings are made of a mixture of traditional imagery - mostly drawn from Indian, Greek and contemporary mythologies - often to talk about India's post-colonial politics. Many of his works were auctioned whose'Doctrine of the Forest: An Actor at Play (Cuckoonebulopolis)', sold at Saffronart New York 'Spring Online Auction' in 2008 for $ 558,969. 
Doctrine of the Forest: An Actor at Play (Cuckoonebulopolis), Surendran Nair

Doctrine of the Forest: An Actor at Play (Cuckoonebulopolis), Surendran Nair

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