A reflection on the human history Awaking and rising Aboriginal art

A reflection on the human history Awaking and rising Aboriginal art


Aboriginal art in Australian are characterized as the existing oldest art around the world. Collectors and people are driven and attracted by the fascinating colors and exotic mystery charming of the aboriginal art. The aboriginal art was firmly connected with the indigenous religious and ancient ceremonies. Nowadays, aboriginal art is regional in the symbolized art characters and style. Today, many of the contemporary aboriginal art -- from diverse amazing artists, are lively dynamic in the collectors’ and investors’ collections. With Smartpis, we are going to bring you to a travel of exploring and enjoying the beauty and aesthetics of aboriginal art.


Dates back between 60,000 to 80,000years ago, Australian—as a country combined multi-cultures, its most original civilization is primarily considered to be driven by the indigenous people. The aboriginal ethos or philosophy are still alive on the rocks painted by the ancestors from 2,000 years ago. Some people may think the aboriginal art is kind of like the drawing from childhood. Indeed, it originates and is inherited from the childhood of human beings. People hardly realize the deep value and hardly admire the beauty, yet only several collectors and investors noticed.


Aboriginal art from 1988, people began to notice aboriginal art. The most impressive point of the aboriginal artworks are the symbols, geometric shapes, the proportion and original usage of ochre colors. Every piece of the aboriginal art is telling a story. It is used as a chronical to convey knowledge of the land, events and beliefs of the Aboriginal people. The interpretations of the iconography differ from the observers. From the perspective of traditional collectors and art investors, aboriginal art is not contemporary art. However, it is definitely a genre of contemporary art. The artists have inherited the culture and history and everyone of them shows very unique personalities in their paintings. They have the spirit to create innovational works and to test new ways in painting. By the mobility of the international atmosphere, they have high reputation around the world.


Now, we will introduce you some of the styles of aboriginal art in our event platform:


X-Ray Art – Naturalistic Style


x-ray art is considered as a traditional style. Additionally, this style is often used to depict the local animals and stories. It comes originally from Northern Australia (Arnhem Land NT). The artists paint the paintings in a 3-dimensional effect by the delicate describing of bone structures and internal organs. It is valuable for the art shows the connection and understanding of the world from the artists’ perspective. You can find the x-ray paintings in the event sharing platform in Smartpis and identify the features of aboriginal art.


  • Artist:Sarrita King     Title:Lightning


Dot Painting


It is kind of style usually appears in the central Australian. The main theme for the aboriginal art is still the ceremonies. It originated from body painting in the ceremonies and ground paintings. This kind of art are famous for the variety usage of dots and brave colors. It is internationally regarded as an aesthetic style created with the wisdom of artists.



Cross Hatching & Bush Medicine Leaves


It is often used in representations of sea creatures and reptiles. It is originally used for the traditional ceremonial paintings. The Bush Medicine painting depicts the leaves of  special plants that is used to aid in the healing process. Both of the beautiful style was made famous in a very erythematic regulation. With a specific rhythm, you can hear the different music from every paintings and find the stories behind them.



Ochre is the oldest pigment for the aboriginal art. It comes naturally from colors like red, pink, yellow, white and blue. The colors are mix of saliva, egg, water or animal fat. It looks so different from other arts and sometimes the pigment is blended with human or animal blood or pollen from plants.





Bradshaw Art

It is showing the hunting and ceremonial dancing in the art works. The figures are symmetrical, mystical, sometimes shown with detailed head-wear including the distinct cone shapes and “knots” that depict an opulent and refined style.(Artlandish)

color field

  • Artist:Evelyn Pultara    Title:Bush Yam Dreaming


Colour Fields

It is much more different from the other styles. It uses the colors rather than the dots and lines to contrast the painting. Abstract but with a specific technique to reveal the color matches in a mysteries and exotic way.

color field




This is a rare aboriginal style which only be found in the Kimberley region (north-eastern Western Australia). The representative features for this style are: large eyes, like the eye of a storm, but no mouth (with mouth would make them too powerful). In addition, they are often shown with elaborate headdresses, indicating different types of storms.



Aboriginal artworks just like a reflection on the culture of the earth. It evidences the changes of history, it reveals the contemporary condition, but last forever. As the aboriginal art are connected with the African art and Egyptian art, the prices stayed from the $500-$5000. It is a market haven’t recognized by huge amount of people. As nowadays Australian have the aboriginal art exhibitions in China, in American, in England, more and more people noticed the value of the unrepeatable art. There are more and more counterfeit and fake aboriginal art comes out, which, on the contrary, should be a single for guarantee of the value increase for this art in the future. We recommend you when making the decision to invest and the best way, is to follow the advices of art consult companies.


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