Work organization 3.0: office sharing

Work organization 3.0: office sharing

It is commonly accepted that year 2017 is shaping the world of work organization. It is super important for companies to think about how to increase the collective energy and well-being of employees in the age Workspace 3.0. As a consequence, there is a model called “one size fits all” with the principle of homogenization in workspaces.


To be more specific, the Millenials are customary for informal exchanges, use daily social networks like WhatsApp and Facebook and expect to find in the company workspaces integrating modes of communication and exchange. Therefore, a wise solution for the company is to provide an intelligent space that integrates both functional and emotional considerations. The challenge is to put humanity and cooperation at the heart of the working environment thus increase internal productivity.  A suitable example should be Orange, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in France. In its office in Massy, many relaxation areas such as video games room, yoga room, rest rooms, etc. are allocated besides the normal workspaces.


orange telecommunications

WeWork, providing flexibly temporary contract (no engage, share meeting rooms, share kitchen, etc), is one of the biggest online office-sharing platforms, has announced that they have a partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft already has New York offices. However, partnering up with WeWork will provide the company’s sales team with a lot of bases to touch down. This is particularly important in sales, where the employees often travel across the city in pursuit of elusive leads. Microsoft’s GM of Office Marketing Matt Donovan said, “you can imagine a future where all people in enterprises are working in the types of spaces that WeWork provides, with all the flexibility that entails. We’re starting that future early with Microsoft.”



In the eastern world, UR Work, one of China’s biggest office-sharing businesses has raised 400-million-yuan ($58 million) for the next stage of its expansion. Founded in 2015, the company has completed six rounds of funding so far, raising billions of yuan. However, different from WeWork, UR Working offers long-term ranged 10 to 15 years. It also launched flexible products for customers to book a meeting room on the website and pay through the online platform. The company provides a range of services and resources, such as co-working spaces, other services such as financial assistance platform or human resources services, targeting startups and small firms. Cities of Singapore, New York, London and Taiwan are among the future plan of UR Working, including the online sharing platform. URWork is valued today at 1.07 billion dollars after having completed the fundraiser. UR Work provides a platform for the startups to modernize its equipment and expand globally.


UR Work

At Smartpis, we are not only providing our clients customized proposal of office sharing, but also taking good care of the well-being of the employees. For example, we are able to arrange yoga or Pilates training sessions accordingly, or introduce the top personal fitness trainer to our clients as request.


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