French Fashion Designer  Eternal elegance Christian Dior

French Fashion Designer  Eternal elegance Christian Dior

Christian Dior is a name carved in the history of fashion. His greatness is not only by leaving a flourishing immortal luxury empire—Dior, but also because he is the monument and a representative of the trend of a time. Until now, Dior is still de-generating the gene of elegance of Christian Dior from time to time.

Christian Dior was a French legendary fashion designer with high reputation. The Collection of “New look”(post-World War II) was especially wildly known and set up the style of Christian  Dior.



History Synopsis of Christian Dior

Christian Dior was born in north France in 1905 in a wealthy fertilizer manufacturer. He was the second of five children in the family. In his youth, he never dropped his dream to be involved in art even though his family expected him to become a diplomat. In order to purchase his dream, he used to sell fashion sketches and run a small art gallery funded by his family. However, the Great Depression destroyed the family’s finance as well as his small gallery. At that time, he has been in contact with the work of renowned artists such as Joan Miró, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Max Ernst, among many others.

In 1937, when the opportunity came for Christian Dior, he began to design collections of Piguet(three Piguet collections of fashion designer Robert Piguet), and exactly during this design career, Dior discovered and forged the true elegance. In 1942, Dior joined the fashion house of  Lucien Lelong, as the primary  designers together with Pierre Balmain (a French fashion designer and founder of leading post-war fashion house Balmain). Christian Dior tried to create the dresses for the wives of officers and French collaborators both in economic and artistic reasons during the World War II. Even restricted by the wartime, he dauntlessly exploded onto the Paris fashion scene and introduced a feminism and focused on luxury to women's fashion. It turned out to be a success by his efforts in both his talent of design and his participations in the business. On 12th of February in 1947, Dior held his first fashion show.

 new look

Therefore, “New Look” appeared in front of the world and reached high success. Otherwise, he used the leopard pattern in a brand new way and created a “jungle” fashion which exists until today. In additional, Mr. Dior inspired by famous artworks to fabric the designs, he reappeared a lot of world famous paintings, such as the “Clown” of Picasso, “The Moulin Rouge: la Goulueof“ of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec,  “Dancer” of Edgar Degas. Christine Dior was so popular women were crazy to buy his collections. The Film stars, royalties, celebrities were horned to wear his designs.




Profound Dior Influence

Christian Dior is definitely a giant of fashion industry, every season, Raf Simons would create new collection inspired by his “New Look” and company Dior continues to operate at the forefront of the fashion industry. Christian Dior aimed to help females to regain their happiness, elegance and glamour after the war; he innovatively created seasons of prestigious graceful for women. He ceaselessly chasing for innovations and creative ideas. He usually went to enjoy the leisure time, appreciate the beautiful scenery and the tasty wine. The hotels and bars fluently inspired him a lot in his design. The “Bar suit”became the representative of his series which combined the advancements of “Corolle” and “En Huit”.


The legacy of Christian Dior never fades his glamour through the fleeting of years. The successors of brand Dior continue the core value and style of Mr. Dior, firmly creating more and more fascinating collections to surprise the world.


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