Talented Artist Wanted

Talented Artist Wanted

Following the launch of our Smartpis Art Invest platform, we seek to present the works of talented artists.
You are a painter / sculptor of talent, well listed in «Artprice».
You have already exhibited your works in museums, and you want to make your reputation and sales: do not hesitate to propose your works by mail: contact@smartpis.com.
The price of the works starts at a minimum of 1000 €.
We accept a minimum of 10 works per artist. If these correspond to the spirit of our platform, you will be contacted by our experts for validation before publication.
The advertisement of works of art in our Smartpis platform pays off in the form of an annual registration. The amount of the registration can be refunded to the artist during the year as soon as the amount of the sale exceeds the threshold defined by the platform of Smartpis.



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      Joseph P. Wright
      mai 12, 2020

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      mai 13, 2020

      There are some amazing artists that I know of and they are very talented as well. You can see some of their work posted on writing services, I got to know about them from that site only. They do good work and put effort in it.

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