Different styles of the Impressionist

Different styles of the Impressionist

Impressionism is the 19th century art movement originated with a group of Paris-based artists whose independent exhibitions during the 1870s and 1880s. Impressionism is characterized by relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, it often accentuates the effects on human perception and experience in unusual visual angles.

The impressionism style is derived from the title of Claude Monet (“Sunrise”, impression, 1872).

Title: Sunrise

Painted by: Claude Monet

Location: Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris

Together with Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir is also one of the central figures of impressionism. He is commonly known as Auguste Renoir (25 February 1841 – 3 December 1919). Different from Monet, Renoir prefer to depict the daily life and observes the light, color, movement, atmosphere delicately.

Renoir was well known by his depictions of women as well as nudes and dance paintings. His most famous paintings including Impressionist masterpieces Luncheon of the Boating Party and Dance At The Moulin De La Galette and so on. He was spoken highly by Herbert in The Meaning of Artas "Renoir is the final representative of a tradition which runs directly from Rubens to Watteau."

Title: Luncheon of the Boating Party

Painted by:Pierre Auguste Renoir

Location: Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C

Title: The Large Bathers

Painted by:Pierre Auguste Renoir

Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art, US

Title: Dance At The Moulin De La Galette

Painted by:Pierre Auguste Renoir

Location: Musée D'Orsay, Paris, France

Title: The Theatre Box

Painted by:Pierre Auguste Renoir

Location: Courtauld Gallery, London

One of Renoir's paintings has sold for more than US$70 million. Bal du moulin de la Galette sold for $78.1 million May 17, 1990 at Sotheby's New York.

The impressionism is reinforced by the more and more new generations. Olga is one of them who uses the quick, rough brushstrokes, which make her painting seems to be alive. Her impressionism artworks express the nostalgic themes, exploring the relationship between sensuality, materiality and morality.

Olga allows us to access a universe that she has almost lived in, and places where she could have lived. She gives us glimpse of world while obscuring her traces.

Title: Church Garden

Painted by: Olga

Title: In the Forest

Painted by: Olga


Painted by: Olga

View her impression artworks:


For more artworks of other artists:






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