Why Co working space?

Why Co working space?

Co-working, as the most popular topic in the 21st century, is searched on the google engine for over 40,000 times monthly. Co-working efficiently helps network, professionally and personally. The new work style provides potential connections to help business grow exponentially. In a word, it is the trend sweeping across the world, bringing a brand-new as well as creative work style for entrepreneurs, designers and thousands of start-ups, etc.

More than 25 million articles are talking about co-working, the benefits of co-working are obvious:

First of all, reducing costs & adding flexibility. The co-working spaces provide a relatively completed equipment as the big companies. The costs of  property are effectively reduced in the co-working space: for example, co-working space can provide lower price even free access on spaces such as meeting room, conference room, kitchen, etc.; on the infrastructures such as: cloud, SaaS, Wi-Fi, fixed phone, server, etc. Furthermore, co-working spaces are mostly located in the cities centers, enjoying a facility of transportation and information.

Secondly, create an amazing network. The co-working spaces contain various companies, the differences are important for co-working members to find the most relevant people for your business, from potential clients, suppliers or even business partners. Co-working is the way to find high quality, talented and like-minded people who might be critical for the future business. What’s more, it makes more professional impression to invite people at the well-decorated and scheduled space than at home or a coffee shop, leaving a serious and dedicated attitude to the trade.

Last but not least, enhancing effectiveness and accountability. Co-working spaces are separated with home, it created a space of flexibility at the same time of real accountability. Being surrounded by committed, enthusiastic environment,workers are highly motivated, it invisibly increases the personal creativity and output. In addition, the diverse company cultures create positive atmosphere to find constant innovative methods due to solve problems.

Co-working is the hot discussing topic among people, there are mountains of dedicated advantages about co-working spaces. However, when mention “co-working”, it is prevalent for people to remind themselves of start-ups, freelancers and small companies, less of articles analysis the influences on middle companies and corporations, they are beneficiaries as well.


More than start-ups

As we have analyzed in the former blog: 《 Office Sharing—Leading Trend By Millennial》, co-working space is popular among small companies and individual workers, meanwhile, more and more corporations have already started to realize that co-working offers great potential for fostering innovation. It is fashionable for corporations to rent more co-working spaces even create their own co-working spaces internally. In 2012, 6% of the co-workers were employees of companies with more than 100 workers (Dezeen, 2016).


Co-working spaces typically highlight communication, it is a community of like-minded people with similar interests and values, offering spaces for both work and events as well as a more flexible and sociable way of working that suits younger workers who have a different attitude to work. As a result, in large corporations, co-working spaces leave more space rather than hierarchical atmosphere in corporate workspaces, encouraging workers to think for themselves in a more innovative way and gain vibrant mind. Additionally, the co-working community offers a numbers of potential networks at the same time, the neighbors office might be the providers, clients, business partners and so on.

To sum up, not only for the start-ups, freelancers, co-work space for the middle, large corporations can lead to healthier, happier workers, raise the general wellbeing of workers than those in more formal work environments.

Co-working for designers and women

On the other side, co-working space is not designed to business, a rising number of designers discovered it as a hotbed of ideas. “You pick up all kinds of inspiration that you might not have, if you had been left to your own devices.” Said by Steph Katch (interior designers in co-working space - Fuigo). Indeed, apart from the common benefits of co-working space, for designers, it is a collection of inspirations, serendipity happen at every second. Designers may find the co-working community amazing as a dynamic space with various sources of support and idea mix.

Interestingly, there is a co-working space especially open for the women. In Washington D.C. "a home base for women on their way" is a co-working space hold by a social club dedicated to helping women work and community building. More specifically, the space contains the open-plan room to work, a library full of books by and about women, a beauty room, a lactation room and showers stocked with high-end products. What’s more, this is a space with a full calendar of activities and talks, such as a talk by former Obama White House staffer Alyssa Mastromonaco, a "patch up the patriarchy" patch-making session and "The Handmaid's Tale" book club (Andrea Swalec, 2017).



Top-class co-working space

In Smartpis, we delicately provide the top-class co-working spaces for corporations, entrepreneurs and so on. The private office in the co-working space- La Fayette offices is located in the center Paris. Additionally, it is a workspace, community, and services for networks of creators.

Away from the main boulevards and a few blocks from the Saint-Lazare station and the Opera Garnier, La Fayette offices are housed in an Art Deco building with a central hall with glass roof and numerous terraces. Ideally located, this building offers a breathtaking view over Pigalle and the Saint-Georges district.

Private and secure offices can accommodate companies with between 1 and over 100 employees in order to maintain team spirit. Private offices are equipped with glass walls that promote transparency and encourage collaboration among team members. Each space is designed and customized to meet your needs while respecting the company's culture. You and your team will benefit from 24/7 access to offices equipped with a chair, a lamp, a wastebasket and a filing cabinet.

Networking, happy hours, classes and workshops ... This center regularly organizes events and offers spaces for you to organize yours. Dynamic and creative, this space is the ideal start point for success!


Our Services:

Smartpis provides the short term rental services (Business +Exclusive leisure but not open to mass tourist):

We have the private offices and luxury co-working spaces for start-ups, freelancers, corporations, designers and entrepreneurs, you will find the most suitable workplace and best co-working atmosphere in Smartpis.

We provide accommodation and exclusive local experience for tourism. You will not be regret to record these special memories in your life. (Our services are more convenient for VIP executives who may have a short-term plan to stay in Europe.)

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