Paris in the moment

Paris in the moment

Customized perfume Paris in spring! It is the world’s top tourist destination for a good reason: a wonderful world of romance. The natural landscapes, blooming tulip, sakura and greenest trees, artistic and architectural masterpieces, various new and exciting events, remarkable museums and a history harking back far beyond the Romans… It is the best season to experience them all in Paris in a Parisian style. Follow our Paris spring guide, it is full of ideas for discovering the best of the city’s art, music and culture.


Rodin Museum 

Musée Rodin, named after one of the greatest sculptor--Auguste Rodin, the scenery of museum marries perfectly with the Paris spring,welcome the 100th anniversary for Rodin. The collection includes 6,600 sculptures, 8,000 drawings, 8,000 old photographs, and 7,000 objects of art. The museum receives 700,000 visitors annually.. The most remarkable scenery is inside the museum gardens. Roses mingle with renowned voluptuous Rodin sculptures, sunshine peacefully contemplation between springtime blossoms. The Thinker, The Kiss (world-class sculptures inside this 18th-century mansion) hide in the colorful garden, seems to come to life with the spring.

The Thinker (1903)The Kiss (1882)

Perfume Museum

Paris evidenced the history of perfume. Thousands of perfume studios around Paris, it is only a matter of time to discover the exquisite boutiques. In addition, Le Grand Musée du Perfume, is the delicate museum for perfumes in its history and manufacturing. What’s more, it allows visitors to learn how raw ingredients that go into fragrances or try their hand at creating their own scent, leading you to the history, techniques and fragrances of French culture.


Customized perfume by Smartpis services:

It is an olfactory portrait in the pure French tradition, balancing the high standards of the brand with personal, intimate desires. We will bring you to the world of all kinds of perfumes, describe your dreaming perfume to your private perfumer, who will transform it into a unique creation: your own fragrance made to measure by famous brands. "A made-to-measure perfume emits each component of a personality in its trail, revealing its interior beauty." Mathilde Laurent, Cartier perfumer.


Picasso Museum

Picasso is well-known around the world. However, his wife, Olga is rare exposed to the world. This spring, we will bring you to have an insight to Olga’s life, having a close-up look at the portraits of Olga, discovering a fascinating series of works which depict time passing and her emotions changing from their early courtship through to their final separation. Nevertheless, another artist, Petroff, who was born in 1954, his colorful, eye-catching work is in the style of the Picasso. Each of his paintings, such as "The Mandolin Player", interpret little moments and scenes from the past and present. Petroff begins his paintings by creating magnificent colors in oil, utilizing precious gems and crystals in order to capture their quintessential colors.

Like an alchemist, Petroff composes different color palettes for each work with infinite, nuanced shades of blue, green and red. Check out our website, you can find the enclosed artworks as the genera of Picasso.


Olga in an Armchair(1917)

Olga KhokhlovaOlga pensive(1923)

Jewelry collection: Deluxe adornment exhibition - Grand Palais:

AI Thani Collection, is a private collection of exceptional Indian and Indian-inspired gems and jewelry spanning four hundred years, from the Mughal period to the present-day. In this spring, seize the chance to immerse yourselves in the jewelry traditions of the Indian subcontinent --The Grand Palais exhibition of The Al Thani Collection, from the Mughal period to the modern day, all displayed in an evocative and ethereal setting. Precious stones, jewels, jeweled artefacts and jades…The exhibition also presents the major developments in Indian jewelry traditions, great ceremonies that provided Indian sovereigns with a new setting in which to show off their jewels during the time of the British Raj.

Nevertheless, if only appreciate cannot satisfy your desire for the beautiful jewelry, come to Smartpis, customize your own unique jewelries made by the famous artists and artisans from luxury brands. Share the passion of the great artisans and creators and become the ambassadors of the best French arts. Whether in the secret of prestigious houses or in the heart of exceptional Parisian surroundings, surrounded by noble materials, accompanied by passionate craftsmen, discover selected areas of excellence and immerse yourself in the purest French tradition with private and very exclusive workshops: Maison de la haute couture, shoemaker, leather goods, jewelry, etc.

Your travel expert will be delighted to develop your unique future experience.

Note: Completion of the project may take longer depending on the complexity of the project.

During this season, AL Tanis collection (available from 21/04 – 05/06 in 5-star Palace Hotel –Tuilerie -Concorde – Vendôme Place) ; 

  • One night’s luxury accommodation for two
  • American breakfast for two
  • Two VIP tickets to the exhibition
  • Cognac cocktail tasting at Bar 228


  • Deluxe Room 40 m2  from €1032 / Executive  Room 45m2 from  €1142 / Deluxe junior suite 55 m2  from  €1572 / Executive Junior Suite 60m2 from   €1767 / Superior suite 70m2 from  €2092 /Deluxe suite 75m2  from   €2492 /Executive Suite 80m2 from  €3392 / Prestige Suite  95 m2  from €4092 

AI Thani Collection


5-star accommodation

When it comes to the luxury accommodation, nothing can be compared but the most romantic and stylish hotels. They are more than just the legend. The perfect thing is to experience the Parisian style hotel especially in the spring. In our recommendation, we have the palace hotels to enrich your travel, deepen the impression of French cultures. Have a glace at our website, you can find all kinds of suit, rooms to enjoy with families or friends. Served by the aromatic Michelin restaurant, view the perfect view of Eiffel Tower against the blue sky or the elegant courtyard. They are also the arenas of celebrities. Picasso, the great artist used to marry in the hotel. Every season, this is also a hot place for fashion shows and fashion icons, additionally, various top-class events and activities.

During the spring season, you can have the special prices such as:

- Pure silk experience for our clients in 5-star Palace Hotel – Montaigne Avenue Paris : it is the amazing news for women, refer to our woman’s day offers, you can find every surprise offer such as breakfast, Perla perfume, champagne and so on, available until 31/12/2017.


- Pay less 15% of price: apply for all the orders take place from 26 May to 31december in condition to place the order one month before the arrival of customer: offer available for 5-star Place Hotel – Tuilerie – Concorde –Vendôme Place.



Our Services:

Smartpis provides the short term rental services (Business +Exclusive leisure but not open to mass tourist):


We have the private offices and luxury co-working spaces for start-ups, freelancers, corporations, designers and entrepreneurs, you will find the most suitable workplace and best co-working atmosphere in Smartpis.


We provide accommodation and exclusive local experience for tourism. You will not be regret to record these special memories in your life. (Our services are more convenient for VIP executives families and couples who may have a short-term plan to stay in Europe.)


For more information, please contact us:


Tel: 0033 784323859 or 0033 185730287








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