Brave mothers in the world

Brave mothers in the world

To all the mothers out there whether you are a Past, Present or Soon to be moms. May your day be filled with love, joy and laughter...

Mother is the purist and holy word for everyone in the world. The role of mother almost carries the most original intimations and initial memories. She is the person who gently hug the baby, she is the person who carefully prepared the nutritious breakfast in the early morning, she is the one who gaze at the children’s receding figure with tearful eyes, she is the person who fight only in the name of their children, as fearless as the super heroes.

Come with Smartpis, meet the world’s bravest, greatest mothers – women who, existing through the different continents, despite the races, ages and circumstances, they find their ways to survive conflict, fight hunger and lift themselves out of poverty, get their families through the harshest of circumstances, achieve their success in their professions… the common point is, they selflessly devote their love for their children.


Mothers in the modern society have more meaning than the past. Females have the equal status with the males, a lot of successful women become the mothers, they have their own business, at the same time, they played the maternal role in the family, it is a lot of hardship.


For example, Michelle Obama, the previous first lady and mom-in-chief of American. What’s more, she is a maternal role model for the ages. She has two children, Malia Obama and Sasha Obama. She gave them the strict education, limit the usage of cellphones and television, sports. "When the girls go on trips, they write reports on what they have seen, even if their school does not require it", Michelle Obama is strict, at the same time, it is the prove of her love to her children.

Nevertheless, she committed herself to children’s health and education business. As a “mom-in-chief”, Michelle Obama began her White House years pursuing the typically soft subjects that have often limited the wives of presidents, ended with a clarion call for diversity and vowing to make it her life’s work to help disadvantaged children get to college, a personal mission that has its roots in her own Chicago childhood. She tried to forge her own path, juggling career and parenthood and all of life's challenges and riches.


On the other side, today’s mothers seem to have more responsibility than before. They need to take care of the families as well as their own career. Rathna has been in her profession for the past 17 years, since the age of 28. A friend she had helped with acquiring a loan ran away, leaving Rathna to pay the debt. With two children and an ailing husband she could not even visit in the hospital, she never let anyone see her troubles. Now she works with a community initiative that supports sex workers.

“I never let my kids feel like they were unprivileged. Many times I have gone hungry so they could eat. They are both married now, are earning, and have their own families. They take good care of me. They are happy but my only regret is that I couldn’t give them the best education they deserved,” she says with tears in her eyes.

At last but not least, in some poverty area, the aim of a mother turns to be trying her best to survive her children. In the lowlands of Ethiopia, Dhaki, who is the mother of three young children, they have to bear the starving because of no enough food to eat each day.

In rural areas of the country, cultural behaviors and environmental challenges prevent families from getting the food they need to be healthy. The poverty makes Dhaki and the children suffer from hungry. In order to give the children healthier and more nutritious food, she learned how to incorporate a larger variety of foods, like sanitized milk, corn bread and potatoes, into her family’s diet.

Dhaki tried her best to focus on making sure her three young children have access to the fresh nutritious food. They need to develop and succeed, and she’s proud to say her entire family is now eating three diverse meals a day.


 Photo: Sean Sheridan for Mercy Corps


Each mother gives a best support of herself to her children. They can have great power just for their children.

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