Tailored luxury travel on Yacht!

Tailored luxury travel on Yacht!

Smartpis – smart personal investment services provides the creativity luxury travel with customized services, office sharing, luxury accommodation, prestigious transportation such as private jets and yachts dedicated for our clients: Business corporate, HNW and sophisticated individuals.

Our company was established by the ambitious leader and consisted by creative members to create the innovative business model, provide the dedicate premium travel products and services, aim to create highest quality of customer services. We offer the specialized services for VIPs, individuals and groups to meet their dream travel expectations.

We launch the services of Private jets.

Now, we are going to introduce our luxury yacht services. No matter you want to have a Leisure tour, Business trip, Honeymoon or vacation with family, we can l assist you and design the trip to your needs with our travel experts who know your destination very well. The luxuries yachts are equipped with all the facilities for the use of the passengers, meet the requirements of comfortable luxury living standards : the  swimming pool equipped on yacht, the corner of Jacuzzi bath,  the soft bedrooms, cool mini bar, piano, gourmet dining room, sunshine deck and so on.

Private yacht has always been regarded as a wealthy collection and the exclusive thing for royal families and wealthy celebrities.

Our clients have a choice to select all kinds of luxury yachts to rent up to your demands without considering the maintain fees every year.

Let’s  us display you detailed examples of luxury yachts:


Yacht A---M / Y  S E A S H E L L




Yacht B---Lady Beatrice

Yacht C





Rental Yachts ' location:

There are thousands of reasons to travel, our yachts can be available in the South of the France or the Bay of Monaco. 

Our clients can navigate their yachts around the Mediterranean Sea.

Yacht rental Pricing condition:

The rental pricing is changed following the period.

The clients can select the yachts suit for their needs. The weekly rental   pricing of each yacht should be ranging from 25.000 €- 250.000 € 

VAT applicable is: 20%

Previous 30% of initial budget for fuel, food and other expenses services



Our Services:

Smartpis provides the exclusive yacht for the travel around Europe.  We can organize a trip   in specific destination   depends on the requirements‘ clients. No matter you are looking for a private trip for the business, event, celebration or ceremony , Smartpis could give you the best and most economic solution .

Smartpis   offers the services of   sourcing the luxury yacht to invest in Europe.

 At the same time, we also provide the short term rental services (Business +Exclusive leisure but not open to mass tourist):

We have the private offices, luxury co-working spaces, event space rental for start-ups, freelancers, corporations, designers and entrepreneurs and individual  ( in case of special event such as wedding's celebration : We have an expert of wedding planner to advise you the best solution to success your  celebration

(especially the  prestigious Chinese wedding in Europe )) . You will find the most suitable workplace, best co-working and Event spaces   in Smartpis.

We provide the flexible worldwide gateway services as well as accommodation: customized exclusive local travel will make the tour very interesting. You will not be regretted   to record these special memories in your life. (Our services are more convenient for VIP Executive, small group of persons, families and couples who may have a short-term plan to stay in Europe.)


For more information, please contact us:


Tel: 0033 784323859 or 0033 185730287

E-mail: contact@smartpis.com

Visit our website: www.smartpis.com



 Author: Sylvie Deng


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