Working Space and Innovation

Working Space and Innovation

As the scientist investigated, the impact of technology like high speed wifi,or Icloud has been extensively viewed and will continue developing faster than globalization.

Thus, the tendency of the investment funds and business moving to both domestic and national markets are becoming the global trend. This trend stimulates a strong wave of the innovative start-ups booming among the area of North America, China, India and European countries. The intensity of the start-ups has sharpened the competition between different companies. The working style has never been valued as before because the working space and innovation have been combined together to make direct influence of the productivity and creativity of the working forces.

Your working  space is influencing the  potential  creativity of your team or organisation. Scientific research has proven this. If you want your team to be creative, then create an environment that reflects this.

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1.Why we need working space inspire us to be innovative?

From millennials to baby boomers, professionals not only want careers they are passionate about but also a work environment and community where they can strive for personal fulfillment. 

The young people have the high intention to choose their working space to work in their office.

The  companies have to organize the working  space in different zones depending on the activities : Private  office using for the concentration, Co-working space  to work  with team, Specific  zone meeting room to work in specific project ( ex : To launch the new project, to make the points with the team group or  to do the training for new product ) . 

For the arguments described as above, the companies have to find the best innovative  solutions of working space to their employees.

Right now the tendency of the working style has changed positively the employees can work at home.  Allow people to work from home if that way they can concentrate better, ensure that the team is in contact sufficiently to trust each other, have open and informal conversations that are crucial for innovation. 

As the statistic shows more than 30% of the BNP Paribas offices have launched their solutions for the employees to balance the private life with the working life by means of changing the working space etc. 

So, the employees are trended to be more creative in their jobs. 


2. How we become creative with the influence of working space? 

  • Creating sociable environment is vital.

Sociable working space inspire people encourage people and amuse people. As for a company, looking for the new clients or the suppliers becomes the  important of their daily tasks :  the sociable working environment stimulates people to communicate with each other.

Offices of the future will be designed more by sociologists than architects. 

The sociable working space will directly influence the performance of the working people.

Collective conversation space inspires working people.Face-to-face encounters more often are proven to enhance productivity and knowledge sharing.

During the conversation the employees will have deeper understanding of each other and contribute more to the company.

  • Agile working space triggers creativity

As employees spend a considerable amount of time at the office, workspaces should be more than chairs, desks and meeting rooms. Alternative workplaces mean tailoring the program to the specific needs of an organization. If you understand the function of your company and changed the working space with the agility the employees will be triggered with stronger creativity.

 3.What we can do to make our working space innovative to us?

  • Color brightness and decoration

High ranking offices are often designed with the comfortable brightness and proper decoration with art crafts like paintings and sculptures. The famous studio and office are often decorated by the famous painting to give the employees a hint of inspiration and sense of comfort.

Regarding  to color, it is the same effect. For example,blue color in combination with green stimulates tasks concerning idea generation. Dimmed light strengthens the creation of ideas while strong light tends to stimulate analytical thinking.As for painting, the direct visual impact with the color can stimulates the brain and make it more creative.

Something in our brain responds when we look at a painting. That experience refreshes and changes us.

Afterwards we are more creative and open to learning. We are less mentally fatigued. Viewing paintings triggered responses in brain regions associated with visual understanding and object recognition, as might be expected, but viewing artwork also was connected to activity .

Thus it is important to purchase a piece of artwork with selection. The smart Personal Investments Services  company can provide you with professional artistic advice to purchase the artwork.

Coworking space with artwork

  •  Plants and windows

Plants are strongly recommended to be positioned in the office.

It offers people the possibility to have a look at a natural environment which can reduce stress and helps to recover from long meetings or demanding tasks.

In order to be able to let go of the stressful thoughts and improve the  creativity of the employees, the glance of the nature will stimulates their creativity.

  • Disorderly desks

If it is analytical work the clean desks and orderly spaces actually have its valued on efficiency. But creativity will never been stimulated by well-organized desks.

For example, the Disorderly desks with the hided stuffed will give the employee a creative idea or a hint to search for it in order to solve the complex issue. The famous designer Karl lagerfeld’s desk was always out of order, in this way he can be able to create more creative ideas to build up the Coco Chanel Group.

It will be the same as the project of hackaton working activities in which each participant can share the idea directly in the electronic table. With the collision of the ideas : the  new innovative ideas can be discovered immediately.

  • Well position office corner like coffee corner need to be designed properly.

Offices are often accommodated with several small coffee machines to make sure that the employees do not have to walk far. But in this way the employees will not be able to interact with a lot of people. To enhance the communication between employees and trigger the  creative potential(people and ideas who meet unexpectedly),we recommend the employees to have well cornered working space.

An active break in which you stretch your legs to grab a coffee, helps people’s brain to process information and come to new insights. This of course also applies to kitchens and cafeterias. Steve Jobs, for example, build an enormous atrium in the Pixar offices with the aim to have people run into each other all the time: it is impossible not to run into each other there.

Generally, the modern companies as well as startups are paying more attention in looking for a working place more comfortable for the employees because they would like to attract the best talents in their companies. Some of them spend millions of dollars to purchase art work or hire designers to do the interior design. It has consumed large amount of time and energy for the companies to do this. Flexible workspace has emerged as a way to meet those goals. Workers with access to this type of environment are less stressed and have higher productivity levels, according to a study from the American Sociological Review.

In this way Smart Personal Investments Services can provide you with the best solution of working space and event rental for your company.

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Author : Lili WAN  - Consultant


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