Gourmet Event Training at Palace Hotel in Paris

Gourmet Event Training at Palace Hotel in Paris

 Paris Exquisite cuisine and prestigious Michelin Restaurant

They choose very carefully all the products that they cook : Premium fresh products.

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We present an  opportunity to our clients to attend  the training of gourmet French cuisine  in Paris  centre. 

 Gourmet Event training  at Prestigious Palace  Hotel in Paris.

You can discover the different formulas  of  gourmet event  training in  this prospectus. 

1. Five days training of the French gourmet

This training is addressed to professionals who wish to better perform the french gastronomy gourmet.

Participants: 10 persons ( maximum )

Condition : Professional training in the French gastronomy  gourmet  

For more detailed information, please request us for the quotation

Note : We can study the specific needs from our clients. 

Training program

Day 1. Basics,sauces and jus

Day 2 .Fish Seafood and shellfish

Day 3.Meat and Poultry

Day 4.Vegetarian and Healthy cooking

Day 5 Introduction to traditional FrenchPastry

Day 5 Option 15:30-21:00 Visite of Rungis Market by an official guide

2. Discover French Gastronomy Cooking course (Vendôme Formula )  :  4 hours.

The objective of this training is to introduce to French Gastronomy  cuisine 

1st Option :Cooking Course and diner

2nd Option Cooking course and lunch

Participants : 10 persons -15 persons

Training program

19: 00-19: 15 preparation period for each person to enjoy high champagne tasting.

19: 15-21: 00 Cooking course with chefs, custom menu and learning desert production. 

21: 00-21: 15 appetizer tasting champagne


3. Discover the French gastronomy Cooking course 6 hours.

For this training, we add the Parisian market escapade and cooking class and lunch

Participants: 10 participants – 15 participants

Condition : Discover  market and lunch 

Training program : 






Market’s Visit with the chef


Back at the hotel:coffee;tea, juice and viennoiserie


Cooking class with preparation of starter,main dish and dessert pastry


Tasting of the recipes one bottle wine for three guests ,mineral water.

4.Gourmet Course  Event – Training Formula Vendôme. 

Objective:For this training , our participants can select their own menu to prepare the cooking with the top chef in the kitchen.

Participants : 10 persons -15 persons

Condition:Dinner with champagne in the kitchen.

Training program : 




Vendome Menu



Welcome desk

Our Luxury Champagne


Cuisine Lesson

Elaborate the cooking menu with our chef  including a start,a main course,and a dessert pastry



Luxury Champagne



Tasting the dinner.

Offer a bottle of wine for three people.Cafe and tea.

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