Opportunity to seize: authentic and rewarding artworks gifts

Opportunity to seize: authentic and rewarding artworks gifts


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

Smart Personal Investments Services (SMARTPIS) provides the World Class tailored Services.

The Clients can discover the World of tailored services in one place.

Smart Personal Investments Services offers a premium service for our exclusive clientele.

We provide our expertise of advisory services in  private office rental, co working space rental,   luxury event  organization , prestigious  palace hotels, private jets , yachts  and  alternative  investment   services ( prestigious jewelry collection, French antique furniture, sourcing in commercial prestigious real estates, art investment collection ) .  

We present an opportunity to our clients to invest in Art collection in our Platform  of  Smartpis  - Art Investment .  

During the end of the year celebration, our organization  Smartpis will be pleased to offer an exceptional reduction of 10% of all the works published in our platform (not applicable  of this promotion  for all artworks done  by  Line C Artist ).
This promotion is available   until 31.01.2018

Artists Petroff, Zénaken, Olga offer free shipping in France during this period
Artist Olga grants in addition to free shipping throughout the euro area during this period.

You appreciate   the works done by the masters’ artists such as Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Modigliani, Gauguin, sublimation of ancient oriental lacquer technique or Pop Art.

Our artists create works of art by inspiring the great masterpieces mentioned as above.
All the artists proposed in our platform are talented and start to recognize in the public.
These works are intended for investments with long-term capital gains.
There are very attractive tax benefits for businesses and individuals who invest in works of art done by living artists.( please  see the detailed in our  website  - section of art  investment )

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For more detailed information of our services, please enjoy to contact us at:

Contact @smartpis.com

Phone : 00 33 7 84 32 38 59


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