Corporate training : Tai Chi Tuishou and Meditation

Corporate training : Tai Chi Tuishou and Meditation

Smart Personal Investments Services (SMARTPIS) :

It provides its expertise in the rental of offices, workspaces and luxury housing, luxury events, palace hotels, private jets, yachts and alternative investment services (jewelery collections, antique furniture, sourcing in private properties and commercial, art).

It also offers consulting services, training and project management in the framework of strategy or organization of innovative projects, promoting the multi-cultural richness of art and savoir vivre in the West and in Asia

 Practices : Tai Chi Tuishou and meditation

Continuous stress, competition, tension, loss of self-confidence ...

Today, companies need to develop the collaboration and creativity of their employees more than ever.

Smartpis offers exclusive experiences: Fengshui, martial arts, Tai Chi Tuishou, meditation.

Free demonstrations

One hour session for 12 people (50 minutes of Tai Chi Tuishou, 10 minutes of meditation).

Materials needed to bring: yoga mat, towel, water bottle, gym clothes.

Start date:  September 2018

Subscription :

Location: Event will take place in your local's office with a minimum of 12 participants per session

Programs and rates will be provided during the demonstration session.

Tai Chi Tuishou

Tai Chi Tuishou is a traditional Chinese practice that promotes balance of body and mind, the dosage of effort and group work.

Fight Without Fighting - A Tai Chi  Approach to Communication:Tai  Chi  Tuishou  is an unusual martial art in that it does not meet force with force. Instead, its goal is harmony – yin/yang. 


In resonance with other traditional Chinese practices such as Fengshui and Yiking,

Tai Chi Tuishou creates a peaceful environment and a wisdom of the moment to better understand the world and ourselves.

The practice of Tai Chi Tuishou provides many benefits:

* Application to the body of the principles of Yin-Yang  

* Development of a flexible mind, which transforms, without opposing  

* Balance, strength, health,attention improvement   

 *Team work  

* Decreased stress, anxiety and depression


Meditation is an ancient art to find calm even in a hectic environment. In this interior refuge we recover, we are authentic, efficient at work and soothed daily.



Radu Bikir and Smartpis meditation classes are inspired by Chinese and Tibetan methods, adapt to all needs, and complement the practice of Tai Chi Tuishou movement, and the spiritual harmonization of Fengshui and Yiking.

The benefits of meditation (*):

- creativity and innovation ("think out of the box")  

- healthy, sleep, memory, relationships, less anxiety.

Chi is cosmic energy, which gives harmony to the world.


-Coach - 

Radu Bikir is Master Feng Shui, researcher, international lecturer, business consultant, doctor of Social Sciences,
PhD student on Feng Shui and martial arts practice

radu tacchi

A former student of Taiwanese diviners and Taoist priests who taught him the draw of Yi King and Fengshui Flying Stars,

he is now preparing a thesis on divination in China Song. Considered in Taiwan as a great Master, where he is consulted by businessmen, Radu Bikir also advises companies in the West of
transport, security, contemporary art, to arrange their places, choose the dates of their events, and attract luck on their contracts. Radu Bikir learned martial arts with the best masters in Taiwan.

He  teachs  martial arts lessons to Chinese and French students.

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