Fancy Private Jet – your new travel option!

Fancy Private Jet – your new travel option!

Are you ever in trouble with the airport? --The delay of flight, the heavy transport heading for the airport, inconvenient seat and tasteless airline meal …

Nowadays, the private jet has become the most fancy and most flexible way to go out. Billionaires and celebrities use the private jet to attend their meetings, parties and events. Can you imagine to travel around the world in one month without the tiredness of catching up your transportation?!

Good news: in Smartpis, it is a realistic proposition.

Smartpis provides the world’s premier private jet service around Europe. Traveling in the comfort of a luxurious private jet, encounter legendary places or natural wonders from Champs Elysées to French Riviera (Côte d'Azur):  Experience grand festivals such as the Cannes’s festival and Formula 1 racing at Monaco .

Create unforgettable memories on the sky with romantic wedding or celebrations. We offer the liberty to schedule and customize your own route in cozy, convenient, premium way to any destination.

The goal of our services is to make the trip interesting, provides   clients the luxuries private jet on their global gateway. So, let us introduce   you some categories of private jet, not completely but you will meet your demands by our customized services.   

  1. Different categories of  types of aircrafts suitable for private jet





  1. Some examples of airplane flights

The Monaco Grand Prix by Private Jet or Helicopter The legendary Grand Prix of Monaco combines the glamour of Monte Carlo with the competition of F1.

We can organize your private flights and transfers to Monaco according to your needs.


Roundtrip Paris - Cannes from € 1,530 per person

Chartering of the whole aircraft:  from 9 177 € (stay of 3 nights)

Type: Cessna Citation II

Number of passengers: 6

Flight duration: 1 h 19min


Roundtrip Paris - Nice from € 1,480 per person

Charter of the plane: from 8 873 € (stay of 3 nights)

Device Type: Cessna Citation II

Number of passengers: 6

Flight duration: 1 h 20mim


Roundtrip Paris -Cannes  from € 2,300 

Number of passengers:10


We can also offer helicopter charter from accredited helicopter operators.

Helicopters are excellent for short flights or flights to destinations with no airport.

Many of our customers also charter helicopters for transfers from airports to ski resorts, hotels, events or sports stadiums.

Nice - Monaco

You arrive in Nice by plane or private jet? Book a helicopter transfer with Private jet to Monte Carlo just a few minutes after your flight.

Nice – Monaco from  1 000 € 

Number of passengers : 5

Flight ‘s  duration : 10 minutes 




Our Services:

Smartpis provides the exclusive private jet for the travel around Europe.  We can organize a travel  in specific destination  depends on the requirements ‘ clients. No matter you are looking for a private flight for the business, event, celebration or pets, Smartpis could give you the best and most economic solution for the tour. 

Smartpis   offers the services of   sourcing the private jets to invest in Europe.  At the same time, we also provide the short term rental services (Business +Exclusive leisure but not open to mass tourist):


We have the private offices and luxury co-working spaces for start-ups, freelancers, corporations, designers and entrepreneurs, you will find the most suitable workplace and best co-working atmosphere in Smartpis.


We provide the flexible worldwide gateway services as well as accommodation: customized exclusive local travel will make the tour very interesting. You will not be regretted   to record these special memories in your life. (Our services are more convenient for  VIP executive’s  , small group of persons , families  and couples who may have a short-term plan to stay in Europe.)


For more information, please contact us:


Tel: 0033 784323859 or 0033 185730287



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Temporary rental services  : Office Sharing / Coworking space /accommodation/ Exclusive Event for VIP executive 

Office sharing / Coworking space/Accommodation / Exclusive Event for VIP Executive


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